Team Fundraising Incentives

Deadline 12/31/19 - Team Captain Incentive

Team Captains will receive one iPAD drawing ticket for every $1,000 raised by your team to enter the "Win an iPAD" drawing. Drawing will be done by the BW committee after the deadline and an announcement email will be sent to the Team Captains. 


Deadline 12/31/19 - Incentive for Top 10 Fundraising Teams

Teams will receive a voucher worth 10% of the amount raised, which can be used to purchase SVDSN board approved educational tools/apps, SVDSN funded programs, workshops with a minimum fundraised amount of $2,000.

Business donations, corporate sponsorships and matching contributions you bring in are credited to your team total, bringing you closer to your goal!!


Many thanks to last year's Top 10 Fundraising Teams
  1. Gabriel's Gallopers $6,725
  2. Toby's Fun Firefighters $6,158
  3. Everett's E-walks $2,910
  4. Félicie's French Family $830
  5. TeamPapas $780
  6. Team Toshi $600
  7. Stanford Children's Down Syndrome Clinic $450
  8. Jordan's Walkers $420
  9. Maureen's Star Trekkers $415
  10. Ameera's Angels $400 



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