Enter Thank you for your interest in being a TEAM CAPTAIN for the 15th Annual Bay Area Buddy Walk®.  We are thrilled you will be joining us this year. 

We have put together a quick guide to walk you through the process of STARTING A TEAM.  Are you ready?  Let’s do this! 


  • Click the REGISTER NOW button on the Buddy Walk® home page
  • Create your account (your password must be at least 6 characters long) or login to your account (if you are repeater participant).
  • Select your participant type, select 'Create a Team' for role and choose the appropriate team type from the drop down
  • Enter your Team Name and Team Fundraising Goal.

Click "CONTINUE TO NEXT STEP" for Step 2 of the registration process where you will enter your fundraising goal, select your T-shirt size and agree to the event waiver.

At Step 2;

  • Enter your personal fundraising goal (not your team goal)
  • Decide Donation Option
  • Select your t-shirt size
  • Read and agree to the terms and conditions of the Event Waiver
  • Enter address information

Click "CONTINUE TO CONFIRMATION" for Step 3 of the registration process where you will review your contact information and enter donation information (if you decided to donat at registration). 

Click the “COMPLETE REGISTRATION” button or 'PAY WITH THE CARD' (if you are donating). .

Once your registration is CONFIRMED, you can:

  • Register an additional person
  • Access your Buddy Walk® Fundraising Portal where you can edit your personal and team fundraising pages, email friends and family to ask for support, or register other participants at a later time.


  • Click on the “Register Another Person?” button 
    • Select their relationship to you.
    • You will have two choices for account access
      • You will manage the participant’s account 
      • The registrant will manage their own account
        • You will need a different e-mail address for each person you register
  • Follow the instructions for STEP 1, the team to join will be pre-selected
  • In STEP 2, enter their fundraising goal, select their T-shirt size, agree to the waiver on their behalf, enter address information..
  • In STEP 3, enter the participant's name and e-mail information (if you chose that the registrant will manage their own account).
  • In STEP 4, enter Donation information.
  • In STEP 5, confirm the registration.
  • Repeat until everyone has been registered.
Common Error when registering another person:

If you forget to cilck on the 'register another person?' button, and click on the 'Register Now' button instead, you will receive the error message 'Team Captain cannot join another team!'.

Don't panic!!

Exit the error message by clicking the X mark on the top right, then scroll down the page. You will see the menu options on the right. Click the 'Register Another Participant' button, then you can continue to register additional family members/friends.

For more detail instruction, click here.

Once you have registered everyone:

  • You are now logged into your event headquarters for the Buddy Walk®.  If you exit this page, just login with your email address and password when you return to the Buddy Walk® event site.  There are links for you to create your pages, register others to participate and ask donors for their support. 
  • Personalize your fundraising page. 
  • As the Team Captain, you will need to customize both your personal page AND your team page.  We encourage you to add photos and a story to make it compelling.  These are the pages that potential team members and donors will be visiting!
  • Make sure you look at other areas of your profile for additional tools (importing contact lists, sending messages to donors or team members, etc.)

Please contact bayareabuddywalk@gmail.com with any questions.  We look forward to seeing you on Saturday, October 19th, 2019 at Lake Cunningham Park.


Thank you to the Down Syndrome Association of Greater Cincinnati for providing the inspiration for this resource.